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Interested in joining the Who’s There Group team? Open job postings are listed below.

  • E-Commerce Associate – Are you upbeat, smart, proactive and productive? A self-starter with entrepreneur-like initiative? Do you follow e-commerce trends and get excited about developments in digital marketing? Do you hate stifling workplaces and the social pressure to wear suits? Then we want YOU! Click here to learn more and apply.


P.S. No phone calls please. Without you, we don’t have enough staff to deal with all the calls.

P.P.S. Are you a freelance designer who’d like to work for us on a project basis? Email with a PDF of your three favorite pieces, a link to your full portfolio site, and a note saying why you’d like to work with us and what’s most appealing to you about designing gifts, books, and/or stationery. We’ll keep your work on file, and we’ll reach out if we’ve got a project that might be a good fit.